Aromatic Notes

Aromatic Notes

Balance and synergy are key to creating an essential oil blend. Aromatic notes can help you personalize your blend for your aromatherapy needs, whether a calming blend for meditation, an uplifting blend to raise your spirits or an energizing and grounding blend to help you get through the day. 

 There are three aromatic notes: Top, Middle and Base. A balanced blend will contain all three notes. How much of each oil you put in your blend depends on your desired results. 

Top Note essential oils are uplifting and refreshing. Most citrus oils are top note. 

Middle Note oils are the “heart” of your blend, providing balance. Look for oils with floral aromas like lavenderrosemary, and ginger.  

Your Base Note is your grounding oil. These are perfect for blends designed for meditation and relaxing. Sandalwood, frankincense, vetiver (spikenard), cedarwood and myrhh  are just a few of the base note essential oils.

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