Essential Oils of the Bible - In-studio Renurture Therapy Workshop

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The Essential Oils of the Bible workshop is an in-depth discovery of Biblical scripture and heavenly journey of aromatic plants that date back to 1550 BC. 

Perfect for small groups or Bible studies, organized church groups, faith-based schools and/or homeschools, retreats, or as a group conference activity.

This (1) hour workshop is a time of prayer or meditation, as we learn how nature provides a natural way of health and well-being through the use of aromatic plants.

"Nine Essential Oils of the Bible"

Our in-studio “Renurture Therapy Workshop” is a great team building event for participants to learn together and enjoy learning about essential oils as we dissect the (3) most common essential oils of the Bible.

Experience first-hand in this workshop:

Our in-studio workshops are proctored by Amy Jump-Long, a Level II NAHA Certified  Aromatherapist.



Our in-studio workshops are located at:

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