Put your best face forward

Put your best face forward

Great skin starts with clean, moisturized skin. Follow these tips for your skincare routine using Re-Nurture’s personalized facial products:



Step 1: Wipe face with a warm damp cloth (no soap!)

Step 2: Apply facial toner. Hold the spray bottle about 12″ from your face and lightly spritz 4-5 times across your face, neck and chest.

Step 3: While face is still damp from the toner, massage 4-5 drops of “Re-Nurture Day Facial Oil” into skin (remember to include neck and chest).


Step 1: Pour a quarter-size drop of facial milk cleaner into your hand, then use your hands to wash your face. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Step 2. Apply toner (see above)

Step 3: While face is still damp from toner, massage a small amount of Re-Nurture Replenishing Crème  into your face, neck and upper chest until absorbed.

Customer tip: During the warmer months, if you have oily skin, you might want to skip the replenishing cream and use the facial oil in the morning and evening.. 


Essential oil scent sampling

Wash your your face with White Clay. Mix a pinch of white clay with a little water and wash face, or apply as a clay mask.  Wipe face with a warm, wet cloth. Then apply toner and moisturizer.