Why I do What I do?

Meet Catherine. She’s six years old. Bubbly, friendly, loves all the things kids love. Catherine also has eczema, a skin condition characterized by dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. She’s had it since she was a baby. It’s worse on her hands and feet. Sometimes, the itching is so bad she can’t sleep. Her mom, Nicole, has had to take her to the doctor at least once a month to help find the right combination of ointments and/or oral medications to help.
Catherine is my great-niece. I often have the privilege to care for Catherine and her five siblings, although, not all at the same time. (I really don’t see how my niece does it. She has super mom powers.) During my time with Catherine, I have seen how miserable she can be during flare ups. Her skin, especially her hands, would become dry, cracked and bleeding. Itching would cause her to scratch, and then bleed more.
Two years ago, I started on a mission. I asked Nicole if she would be okay if I tried to help Catherine. She said she trusted me, and I began researching creams, butters, carrier oils, and essential oils known for skin healing properties.
I first tried mixing together jojoba, rosehip, and turmeric butters, avocado oil, and essential oils. This created a rich, whipped body butter. “Butterstuff” worked great on “normal” dry skin, but did not seem to help Catherine’s eczema. After more research, I combined rosehip and jojoba butters with avocado, wheat germ, evening primrose and jojoba oils and added my “Nourish” essential oil blend (rosewood, frankincense, myrrh, and ylang ylang). The result is a nutrient-rich formula that heals, soothes, moisturizes, and calms inflamed, irritated skin.
The first night we tried it on Catherine, she took her “itchy medicine,” an oral medication she takes as needed. Four days later, her skin was much better. She also didn’t complain about itching, so she didn’t have to take any medicine.
Night time was still tough. She scratched her hands in her sleep, causing them to bleed. While doing more research, I came across white clay, or Kaolin clay.  It’s a natural sediment made of volcanic ash has a 
natural Ph and is rich in silica oxide and other minerals that can help calm skin.

 It’s a natural sediment made of volcanic ash, has a natural Ph and is rich in silica oxide and other minerals that can help calm skin.

This was a game changer. We began adding white clay and chamomile hydrosol (also calming and gentle enough for children) to her bathwater. After her bath, we applied her “special cream.”
She had a wonderful night’s sleep! Now, it’s just part of her routine. She doesn’t fuss about taking a bath because she knows how much better it will make her skin feel.
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And the first thing she does when she comes home after school is get her cream and rub it into her hands. Nicole has asked Catherine’s teacher to let her apply it while at school, especially after she washes her hands—we’re hoping her teacher will agree.
Catherine and her mom do a great job managing her symptoms with easy, natural, and pleasant self-care. Catherine hasn’t had to take her “itchy medicine” or use greasy ointments – and Nicole hasn’t had to take her to the doctor in months!
She tells me, “I need that cream and clay you made for me” when she runs low.
This is why I do what I do and why I offer these products on Re-Nurture.com: help people take care of themselves, naturally.
btw, Catherine’s “special cream” is available as Re-Nurture Replenishing Crème on Re-Nurture.com. I have used it as part of my facial routine for over a year; and see and feel the difference it’s made for my skin.
Use of my products is not intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Catherine still needs a doctor to monitor her condition.