Kaolin (White) Clay


Kaolin, also known as China clay or white clay, is a type of clay that is composed primarily of the mineral kaolinite. It is a soft, white, and fine-grained clay that has been used for centuries in various applications due to its unique properties.

Kaolin is named after the Kao-ling mountain in China, where it was first discovered. It is widely available and mined in many countries around the world. The clay is formed through the weathering of aluminum silicate minerals, usually feldspar.

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Mineral Kaolinite


Face Mask


It has excellent absorbent properties, making it a common ingredient in skincare products such as face masks, cleansers, and powders. It helps to draw out impurities, excess oil, and toxins from the skin.

Kaolin clay has a gentle and soothing effect on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin, as it does not overly dry or irritate the skin.

Safety Warnings

Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs. Do not inhale powder. Keep away from children and pets.